60lb Great Bear Lake Monster!

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60lb Great Bear Lake Monster!

60lb Great Bear Lake Monster!

There are moments in everyone’s lives that they are grateful for, one of my biggest happened this July on Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories while guiding for Lake Trout.

To start this one out I should fill you in on the backstory of this amazing fish, It all started in July 2016 with a favorite client of mine having a blast catching numerous 20 pound plus Lake Trout in our week together. Although nobody can or should complain about fishing like that, I truly wanted for one of Great Bears finest specimens to give him a shot.

So on our last day of fishing at 6:30pm, I decided on the way in for dinner to give one more pass right out front of the lodge at a place called the gap.

On pulling up I immediately marked the largest hook I have ever seen on my Graph, I GPS the spot and drop lures to troll back over the area I marked it in.

We trolled the heck out of that spot and had only a few minutes before having to be in for dinner, so I recommended we start to troll our way into camp.

About 2 minutes after we started the troll in the rod  drops back hard and starts taking the line, I quickly handed the rod to the client . This fish fought hard!… with numerous headshake sessions and drag peeling runs to bottom nearly every time it got almost close enough to see its size. After a 15 minute battle we had finally worn it out and it was coming straight up from below the boat when we saw it!. It was immense, just a huge Lake trout that made the Musky bait in its mouth look like a small spoon. Just a few more feet and she would be in the net….. BUT she had other plans and gave one last violent headshake and I watched the bait get tossed from her mouth as she faded back into the cold Darkness of Great Bear. Heartbroken and exhausted we went in for dinner and planned our reunion for 2017 to get that fish!.

Onto this year when I arrived at the AirTindi base in Yellowknife to be greeted by my Great friend and client Terry and the first words out of his mouth were “Ready to go get that sucker?”, to which I replied Yes Sir as we boarded the flight to Trophy Lodge.

Our first day on the Lake offered up a 38lb beauty from 12 feet of water along with a couple in the 20lb range and some high teens so the week was already off to a great start and by Thursday we had boated too many fish to count. Every night we made a point of being at that same GPS waypoint for 6:30 pm to work the same troll before dinner that we lost our monster on last year. Thursday night almost into the lodge I look at Terry and ask if he could imagine that same fish hitting again…. no sooner did that leave my mouth and then the rod dropped back from a brutal strike and on setting the hook with the motor knew it was a BEAST. Terry said he just can’t fight another fish after being brutalized for a week by powerful Lakers so I fought the fish while trying to convince Terry that this was the one and he needed to reel it in!

I continued to fight the fish while trying to hand the rod to Terry. Finally after a few minutes and almost 100ft of the 200 ft of line in the water retrieved I handed off the rod off to Terry who instantly knew this fish was massive. Almost immediately the fish took a run and pulled another 100ft of the line back out….

It took us 25 minutes total before the beast rose from the bottom and allowed me a perfect netting opportunity. I scooped her quickly and nearly fainted at the size of this fish, pictures will never do her justice as this was the biggest fattest fish I have ever laid eyes on. A few measurements and weight on 3 scales while still in the net, pictures for the client and back down to the deep she went.

A few measurements and weight on 3 scales while still in the net, pictures for the client and back down to the deep she went. Her measurements were 49″ L  X 34″G  and a weight of just over 60lbs!!!!

She was caught on an Eppinger Husky Devle spoon in Green and Chartreuse stripes at around 3mph!


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As always, practice catch and release whenever possible to keep our great fisheries alive, and share the thrill of catching fish for generations to come.

There is nothing wrong with a selective harvest. If keeping fish know the laws, limits, and boundaries of the areas and zones you are fishing.

Chris Langeman



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