BigEye Custom Lures – Deep Down Husky Jerk – Lime Attack

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BigEye Custom Lures – Deep Down Husky Jerk – Lime Attack

What do you get when you combine the fish catching ability of a Rapala Deep Down Husky Jerk, and custom paint jobs designed by Walleye fisherman?…. You get BigEye Custom Lures!

These color patterns have been proven by Walleye guides and recreational fisherman in Canada and the USA.
At first glance in the tackle shop, I knew that these baits were going to produce fish. I know many say crazy colors and patterns are more about catching fisherman than fish, but I find more often than not 1 color pattern can own a day on the water. So I bought a couple off of the wall to run on my next outing in the colors I believed would produce fish on The Bay of Quinte in southern Ontario where I live.

Mid November I took a drive to Picton Ontario, which is about a 30-minute drive south of Belleville to troll the Adulphous Reach where Lake Ontario joins Quinte. In the waters considered Lake Ontario anglers are allowed 2 lines each, so I ran the “Lime Attack” color from BigEye on one rod and a TD11 Rapala Taildancer in Chrome Perch on the other. While doing lazy s turns I was watching my inside Board as it slowed and began to speed back up again, when the board drops under the surface quickly twice indicating a big fish. After getting off all of the in-line riggings like Planer Boards and snap weights, I could see the big walleye with the Bait inhaled and pinned in the roof of the mouth. A quick solo net job, and scale check showed the Walleye to be a 9-pound fish…… Not bad!

Throughout the day I ran numerous colors and styles of baits on that other rod, and the Lime Attack from BigEyes Custom Lures beat them all!
I boated 4 fish and lost and additional 2 fish in a few hours, including another board sinker that got off all on that bait. So this has proven to me that these color patterns truly make a difference here in the clear waters of Quinte and Lake Ontario.

Get some in your Trolling box here

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