Eppinger – Husky Devle

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Eppinger – Husky Devle

These big spoons have been around for many years and are still producing great fish. With a wide variety of colours and patterns, there isn’t a day or condition that these things can’t handle. Some of the custom colours we use for huge Lake Trout on Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake were actually designed by one of our guides Scotty Orr. Among those colours 1 consistently put fish in the boat on any day, a Scotty designed Malibu Barbie colour which is pink with 5 white diamonds covered in shiny glitter.

These spoons have a fantastic action and at the right speeds they produce an erratic extra kick noticeable in the rod tip. That extra kick seems to get the most strikes as Lake Trout prefer more of an erratic action and will attack the bait as it does something different.

They can be run up to 4mph without weight and still stay down under the surface, or you can use a heavy inline weight ahead of the spoon to get it down near or on the bottom.

Hands down these Lures caught more Lake Trout up there than any other bait for me and have earned my confidence.



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As always, practice catch and release whenever possible to keep our great fisheries alive, and share the thrill of catching fish for generations to come.

There is nothing wrong with a selective harvest. If keeping fish know the laws, limits, and boundaries of the areas and zones you are fishing.

Chris Langeman


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