Water Wolf Lures – Shadzilla V (Vertical)

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Water Wolf Lures – Shadzilla V – Vertical Bait

This bait was a major producer for me on Great Bear Lake NWT for massive Lake Trout. I brought lots of different baits up to the lodge with me to experiment with. The one that received the most action was the Shadzilla V in Cisco color pattern. I was guiding a single client in July and we had caught some good fish on the standard weights and spoons. I asked him to throw on the Shadzilla V and give it a go, well within minutes he has a fish on and to the boat. It was a good high teen greenback Laker that was followed by 3 more in the same range within an hour. Nearing the end of the last day of fishing for my client we were on our way back to the lodge and wanted to get in 1 last troll in front of the lodge. I throttled down watching my fish finder closely when I saw a huge mark mid column in 32ft of water. I threw a mark on the GPS and set up to troll the area with the Shadzilla V. We hit 3 smaller fish within minutes and then nothing, so we started our troll over the spot one more time and headed back toward the lodge around a large sand bar. A few minutes into the troll my clients rod just drops, followed by a solid hook set. After 15 minutes of drag peeling fight the fish is finally within view and it is enormous, definitely over 50 pounds. Just after seeing the fish it gave 2 quick head shakes and spit the lure. We lost that fish but it was definite proof that these baits work for big Lake Trout.

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