Fly In Pike & Walleye – Sabourin Lake Lodge

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Fly In Pike & Walleye – Sabourin Lake Lodge

Fly-In Pike & Walleye – Sabourin Lake Lodge


Since I was just a boy my Dad and I always dreamed of fishing at a fly in only fishing lodge. Well, after building myself a solid reputation as an angler and ice fishing guide I was offered a job at Sabourin Lake Lodge in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park through a good buddy.  I was super excited to not only go to a fly-in lodge but to be a professional guide there.

After a 27-hour road trip, 4 of us guides arrived in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba ready for our float plane ride into camp. On the flight, I notice how secluded and rugged the landscapes are, dotted with thousands of lakes and rivers. To say I was excited to wet a line would be a definite understatement.

My first go at fishing was about a week into camp when a fellow guide asked if I wanted to come out for a night fish, my reply was obviously yes!. We motored over to a nearby river flowing into Sabourin called the Thicketwood, passing over the mouth we marked immense schools of Walleye in 10 – 20 feet of water but for now, we continued up the river to the first deep pool in a U shaped bend in the river to start casting for Pike.

We both started out throwing the Water Wolf Lures Shadzilla Jr with a fast retrieve over the 8-foot deep pool. Within minutes we were both hooked up with big Pike, but mine spit the hook and got away. I grabbed the net and quickly scooped a 41″ Pike for the other guide Alex, snapped a few photos and released the fish to grow and be caught again. We managed a few good fish in the 2 hours we were out there but nothing over 40″ for me. 

As the weeks went by I got the opportunity to get out and fish quite a bit before having clients, resulting in some great personal catches and a better understanding of the fishery.

My first group was from Wisconsin and had been coming to the lodge for 20+ years, which was intimidating being a rookie guide. They were great people and that made me comfortable and confident. By day one we had boated 2 Trophy Pike by casting the back ends of weedy bays and rock to weed transition areas further boosting my confidence. The whole trip went great with many trophies caught and released, the biggest fish in my boat was a 42″ monster Pike. The best lures with this group proved to be big dual blade spinners from , Both the Rippler and the Eskimo Tails did well.

We also fished Walleye daily, mostly for shore lunch fish as most of the clients were there for the big Pike even though there is great trophy potential for both species here.

It was easy to put 20+ walleye into the boat in a matter of an hour with a jig and grub, most in the 16-20 inch range. I did get lucky with some groups however that wanted to seek out big Walleye. Working drop-offs close to points and reef areas that smaller walleye were present on proved to work well increasing the size of the catch. The larger Walleye seemed to be away from the pack a bit and sometimes suspended, which the smaller fish don’t do for fear of being eaten by a toothy Pike.

As the season neared an end I had picked up the cycle of things and that once the spawn was over I needed to follow the Walleye to find the big Pike I was targeting. As temps and seasons changed as long as I kept track of the depths and structures that were holding Walleye I was getting big Pike consistently while speed trolling big musky baits. By high speed I mean 3-5 mph with enough line out to get the presentation down roughly 20 feet. The number one lure was the Water Wolf Lures Shadzilla 9″ model for trolling, followed by a 14″ Jake Bait. Both were capable of achieving the required depths and had amazing action attracting big strikes.

It was a fantastic season guiding at Sabourin Lake and gave me my start at guiding in the north.

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As always, practice catch and release whenever possible to keep our great fisheries alive, and share the thrill of catching fish for generations to come.

There is nothing wrong with a selective harvest. If keeping fish know the laws, limits, and boundaries of the areas and zones you are fishing.

Chris Langeman


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