Water Wolf Lures – Shadzilla

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Water Wolf Lures – Shadzilla

These MASSIVE hollow bodied soft plastic swim baits are true trophy fodder for multiple species. The original purpose of these baits was to catch big Muskie, but over time they caught on with other species as well. While guiding at Sabourin Lake Lodge in Northwestern Ontario these baits proved dynamite for big toothy Northern Pike, cast and trolled. The 9″ Shadzilla out preformed everything else in my arsenal all season long. Where it really excelled for me was speed trolling over deep schools of Walleye which always have a few toothy Pike waiting for a meal.

Sab Pike 1

Jump forward to this year where I was guiding at Plummer’s Arctic Lodges in NWT and Nunavut, and they where a great addition to my Lake Trout arsenal. At Great Slave Lodge i threw a smaller Shadzilla Jr in Crown Royal color out for a trolling pass and was rewarded with a 25 pound Lake Trout. On other occasions on Great Bear Lake I ran the 9″ in my prop wash over 7-14 foot reefs just within view, a follower would come in behind and a quick pulse of the rod would have another fish on!.

Slave Laker

Water Wolf Lures makes some top notch soft plastics for big fish, and best of all they are made right here in Ontario



Chris Langeman

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